Manchester Ukrainian Community

The community in Manchester is a mixed group of hugely entertaining and interesting people. An older group, taken out of Ukraine during WW2, then liberated and resettled in the UK, worked hard to rebuild their lives as part of the UK's post-war labour force. Today they are regular attendees of the pensioner events at the cultural centre. Their stories continue to intrigue the younger generation, though many still find it too painful to remember their past. Church activities are a major feature in our older generations' lives and the traditions of Church and Saint's day events have been passed down through our families.

Then there's the first generation Ukrainians who are born here, brought up in a typically colourful Ukrainian background, and are bilingual. They helped rebuild their cultural heritage and developed it into the the dance ensembles and choirs of today. Both accomplished dance ensembles Orlyk and Podilya rehearse at the centre every week, each have appeared in musicals in the UK's theatres and on various TV talent shows. The songs, dance-steps and hand-embroidered costumes are as colourful and authentic as those in Ukraine.

There are also the second, and now third, generations to boast about at the centre and these may go some way to explaining why our centre is so very important to us. These are the offspring of first and second generation parents and also very active in the community. They maintain many of the social events through song, dance and sporting events. Exciting young guitar bands with Ukrainian folk influences also perform regularly at gigs or 'zabava' dances around the region. It's clear many of our youth show the musical talent that Ukrainians have often been known for.

The centre also welcomes new members who were born in Ukraine and are currently visiting as transient workers or students. We hope to welcome many more in the future. A vibrant mixture of young and old, the community in Manchester meets regularly to promote Ukrainian culture and heritage and is open every weekend. There is a Ukrainian school to cover educational needs and a museum to preserve Ukrainian heritage.

There is also a well-stocked bar of Ukrainian and Eastern European spirits as well as the obligatory Ukrainian beer, Obolon. A home-styled kitchen also provides traditional Ukrainian dishes of Varenyki and Holubtsi made by our now famous 'club cook' Libra.

While culturally it is Ukrainian, the centre welcomes memberships from all backgrounds. If you would like to become a member please call Yurko on 0161 205 6692 or email

For directions to club Dnipro follow this link.