Ukrainian Youth Association - Manchester

The Manchester branch of the Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) is the largest in Great Britain with 166 members.
This represents 20% of CYM membership in the country and Manchester still leads the way.

For over 50 years, our branch has nurtured and educated Ukrainian youth in a Christian and patriotic spirit, who work for the good of the Ukrainian nation.

CYM gives its members the opportunity to identify with and retain their national identity, traditions and culture. The branch organises regular meetings, dances and lots of other activities as well and has its own dance groups and choirs. Friendships begin within the branch and blossom at the yearly national summer educational and activity camps held in Tarasivka, as well as in other countries.

Members of CYM have grown up to work not only within CYM on a local, national and international level, but also in other ukrainian community organisations such as AUGB (Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain), OUW (Organisation of Ukrainian Women) and the Ukrainian Saturday Schools.


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